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Q: Do you need a jtag xbox to have a modded controller?
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Box 360 call of duty 4 cheats how do you get their for xbox live?

You have to buy a Jtag Xbox or modded controller, depending on what kind of cheats you want.

Should you buy a modded controller or Kinect for your xbox?

I would buy the Kinect for your Xbox but not a modded controller as you will get suspended if you play with a modded controller.

How can you mod a lobby in MW2?

You need a special xbox called a jtag that is a modded xbox designed to hack games although Microsoft can detect Jtag hacks so its a matter of time until your banned from xbox live.

Do you have to have a modded xbox 360 to have a modded controller?


How do you start challenge lobbies?

To start a challenge lobby a JTAG is needed a Jtag is a hacked/modded xbox it ranges from $150-$500

How do you get infiniteammo on black ops?

You need a JTag, modded Xbox or patches,hacks,cheats that will allow it. Try Youtube, there are good tutorials

What is the difference between a xbox 360 controller and a modded controller?

A modded controller helps you fire rapidly and other things. It also can get you suspened from the Xbox LIVE service. If you are going to get a Modded controller I would get it from I heard that theirs are the only ones that don't get suspended from xbox live.

Should you buy an xt team modded controller?

I wouldn't buy one as you can get a suspension from Xbox LIVE if you have a modded controller.

Do you get band from Xbox live for using a modded controller?


Is a modded Xbox controller illegal?

No, but you can get suspended from Xbox Live for using one.

Is a modded controller fair?

A modded controller is not considered fair because it give the user an unfair advantage. Using a modded controller is another form of cheating.

What are the negatives for getting a modded controller?

You can get suspended from Xbox Live.