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No, you do not. The regular game controller will work just fine.

If you have a Sony HDTV and use a HDMI cable the HDTV remote will play the disc This may also work on other HDTV remotes, but I know that it works with the Sony HDTV

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Q: Do you need a Blu-ray controller to use Blu-ray on PS3?
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How do you sync a PS3 controller to your PS3?

You use the charging cable to connect the PS3 to Controller and press the Playstation Emblem on the controller

How do you transfer a old controller to you PS3?

When the PS3 is on use the charging cable to connect the controller to the PS3 and press the Playstation Emblem on the controller

Can you play the beatles rock band on the PS3 with a PS3 controller?

u can play it on ps3 but you can't use the ps3 controller

What happens when you connect the PS3 remote to the PS3 and it doesn't turn on?

Either you need to:- - Charge the controller. - Turn the PS3 on and off again. - Put new batteries in the controller. - Or if you have more than 1 controller then you can use another one.

Can you use the PS3 controller on PS2 with adapter?

Not a Dual Shock 3 PS3 controller

Do all ps3 have Blu-ray?

Yes they are. They all play DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.Yes they do. They need to be connected to the HDTV with 1080P and a HDMI cable for the Bluray to work as a Blue ray disc player

Can you use a plastation 3 controller on a PC?

You will need to search for a PS3 to PC driver. After, connect your PS3 to your PC with USB.

How can i use my GameCube emulator without having a controller?

The newest version of the most prominent GameCube emulator - Dolphin - lets you use your keyboard instead of a controller. However, you can use your X-Box 360 controller or your PS3 controller to play too. Just go to the control configuration and you can assign buttons for the GameCube controller to your keyboard or other joypad. PS3 controllers don't have proper driver installation on windows computers. So you need to install DX3 tools to be able to use your PS3 controller on the computer. From there you can even use DX3 to emulate a 360 controller from your PS3 controller.

Can you use the ps3 controller on a ps2?


Is PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter also a console?

No, it is an accessory for the PlayStation move - you will need a ps3, a move controller and a navigation controller to use it.

Is there an adapter to convert my PS2 controller to use for my PS3?

Yes, there is an adapter that lets you use the controller for the PS2 with a PS3, it cost around $6.99.

How can you use a ps3 controller on a kindle fire?

You do not