Do you need Java to play Minecraft?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, as you get better and higher quailty of java and lot of memory, more faster the minecraft will run.

More importantly, it is better to have the correct version of Java based up whether your operating system is 32-bit or 64-bit. I have included in the Related Links section below.

There is also a program called Minecraft Portable that you can download that lets you install Minecraft onto a USB stick or other portable storage device. Minecraft can then be played on any computer, even without Java.

You can also use Minecraft Portable to install Minecraft onto a computer that does not have Java or the Java is not working, or the necessary version.

See the related link below for system requirements.

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Q: Do you need Java to play Minecraft?
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Do you need to have java to play minecraft?

Yes, Java is the platform Minecraft runs on. Java is free for download.

What progarm does Minecraft need to play?

minecraft itself and java

What java do you need to play the free Minecraft?

you need java 1.5 to run mindcraft

What version of java do you need to play in Minecraft sandbox?

java virtual macine

Can you download and play minecraft without java required to play?

Minecraft was created in Java and uses Java to run, therefore you MUST have Java to play Minecraft.

Do you need java to play the bought version of minecraft?


How do you play minecraft without java or having to download it?

Because Minecraft is built around Java, it is currently impossible to play Minecraft without Java.

What does it mean if you have java and you can't play minecraft?

You may need to download the newest version of Java for minecraft to work. Or maybe your computer can not handle it.

What java plug-in do you need to play minecraft?

Any Java program just search Java on Google then download the latest version and then you can play :)! HAVE FUN

How do you get to play minecraft without java?

It is a java game, it is impossible to play it without java.

Can i play Minecraft with 32 bit?

Yes, you need 32 bit Java and you will be able to play.

What version of java do you need to play the bought version of minecraft?

JRE7 is recommended.