Do you have to pay for clubpenguin?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Not always. To be a member it is only 5 dollars a month and if you choose not to be one ( being a member alows you to do and buy certain things) you can always play as a free non member.

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Q: Do you have to pay for clubpenguin?
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How do you get membership on clubpenguin?

You have to pay A lot of money.

How do you get work hat in clubpenguin?

You have to be a member. To be a member you have to pay.

On the clubpenguin ds game do you have to pay for a memeberhip?


Do you have to pay every month in clubpenguin as a member?


Do you pay for playing clubpenguin?

You do if you want to be a member,but if not it is free.

Is there a way to get a membership for clubpenguin without paying?

no you have to pay :(

Do you have to pay if you have a club penguin gift card?

you bought it so yea you pay for clubpenguin

Can you get membership without having to pay real money on clubpenguin?

No you can't but it would be cool if you could pay clubpenguin money instead.- other answer. my answer: you can have someone give you a gift card, or win one in a contest.

On clubpenguin can you pay with the money you get in the game?

uh yeah all you have to do is go to the sports shop or penguin style then you can pay them

Who can give me a penguin in clubpenguin first and it has to be a member?

If you wanna be a member, be human and PAY!!!

Can you be a member on clubpenguin with paying?

no. you can register, but you have to pay to decorate your igloo and buy clothes.

Is there any member accounts on clubpenguin?

Yes, there is but you will have to pay money to buy membership