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no, the birthday cake is only used, to advance a Sim's age more quickly. If you want the Sim's birthday to happen before evening buy a cake, or if you have ageing in the options disabled, you can use a cake to make them older

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Q: Do you have to give a sim a birthday cake?
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Do you have to give a sim a birthday cake on their birthday?

No, you only need to use the birthday cake to speed up the sims age

How do you give someone a birthday cake on The Sims 3?

You can buy a birthday cake from either Buy Mode or from the Grocery Store. After that, place it on a surface such as a kitchen counter or dining table and click on it to choose which Sim you want to grow up.

How do you get your sim to blow out the candles on sims 2?

You can have a child blow out candles on the day before or the day of their birthday by buying a birthday cake. Click on the birthday cake and choose Blow Out Candles.

Who should give first cake after cutting a birthday cake?

The person having the birthday!

Can you by a birthday cake on Animal Crossing Wild World?

No, you cannot. You can only get a birthday cake on your birthday, when a neighbor will come and give it to you.

HELP any Ideas of what to makae for my dads birthday?

make a Birthday cake and give him Birthday presents and give him a hug

On imvu do they give you somthing for your birthday?

Yes. You get a cake.

How do you grow old in The Sims 3 for the Wii?

You can buy a birthday cake for that Sim and once he eats it he will grow up or die if that Sim is an elder. Otherwise, you can simply wait patiently for the time to come for that Sim to grow older.

When giving a birthday party do you have to give the leftover cake to the birthday person?

You don't have to but it's nice.

Can an elderly person have a birthday cake in sims 3?

No because an elder is the oldest rank for a sim so they cannot age up.

How many calories does birthday cake have?

"Birthday cake" is not a variety of cake, and there are too many variables to be able to give any sort of reasonable answer. Specify what sort of cake you have for your birthday, and a more specific answer can be provided.

The birthday girl and I or the birthday girl and me?

Depends where it is in the sentence. "The birthday girl and I are going to eat cake." "Give the cake to the birthday girl and me." If it helps with compound subjects or nouns like this, imagine taking out the noun that isn't "I" or "me."