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Q: Do you get a refund if you cancel your membership on Club Penguin?
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How do you cancel the membership on Club Penguin?

on the club penguin site click membership then there will be a button saying membership click cancel

Can you end your membership on club penguin early?

yes you can go to club penguin and click on membership and press cancel membership

Can you cancel a club penguin membership while it is going on?

Yes, you can cancel your membership by going to the membership page and click cancel my membership.

How do you cancel your Club Penguin membership payment?

go to club penguin membership go to one of the things at the top and quit your membership

Where is cancel membership written on the home page of club penguin?

go to membership page and click on the cancel membership.CLUB PENGUIN MEMBERSHIPS ARE NOT REFUNDEBLE!

How do you get rid of a club penguin membership?

Get an adult (not if you are the adult) To disable, or cancel your membership.

Where is the cancel membership button on the membership page on club penguin?

If you click on the question mark on the bottom right on your page for Club penguin you will see it says manage accounts then click on that. After that you will see a penguin in a suit then next to him on the right it says cancel membership. THATS HOW YOU DO IT!! P.S dont cancel it membership's ROCK!!

How do you quit a membership on Club Penguin?

you go to membership on the options list on club penguin, then click manage accounts then click cancel on a sidebar. (PLEASE READ*** if you click cancel your membership you probably can not get it back. Thanks.)

How do you stop your membership on club penguin?

go to parents section, click on manage accounts and click on cancel membership.

How do you you delete your profile on Club penguin?

You can't. But if you make a parent account, you can cancel your membership.

How do you unsubscribe membership at Club Penguin?

first, go to the club penguin website. then click help on the top right corner of the page. click on the FAQ, ( frequently asked questions. ) and click how do i cancel my membership? at the bottom of the page, click cancel membership. then do what is needed and there you go!

Did they cancel Club Penguin?

no they did not cancel club penguin they just forgot to renew it.