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Wailmer does not need a water stone to evolve, it evolves at level 40 into Wailord.

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Q: Do you evolve wailmer with a water stone?
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Can a wailmer evolve from a water stone?

No evolve it at level 40

What stone makes wailmer evolve?

No stones make Wailmer evolve. It evolves at level 40

What level does wailmer evolve in Pokemon white?

water stone i think I'll get back to you on that.... :)

Can you use a water stone to evolve waimer?

no, it will do nothing. for wailmer to evolve you have to train til it's level 40 for it evolve into wailord

What stone evolves a wailmer?

It evolves at level 40, a stone does not evolve it.

What stone evolves wailmer?

a water stone evolves wailmer

What stone do you use to evolve wailmer?

You need to reach level 40, I believe. No special evolution items are needed to evolve Wailmer to Wailord.

What lvl does wailmer evolve Pokemon indigo?

Umm Lol Wailmer evolves into wailord not indigo and its a water type

Can you use blue shard on Pokemon emerald to evolve wailmer?

No , wailmer evolve only by leveling it up it evolve at level 40 i think

Can you evolve squrtile with a water stone?

No, you cannot evolve Squirtle with a Water Stone.

How does wailmer evolve in Pokemon platinum?

Wailmer evolves at Level 40.

When does wailmer evolve in Pokemon ruby?

Wailmer evolves at Level 40.