Do wii games work on xbox 360?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Do wii games work on xbox 360?
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Do xbox 360 games work on Wii?


Can you turn Xbox 360 games into Wii games?

Nope, only wii games work for wii and vice versa.

Can you use Nintendo Wii games in Xbox 360?

can you use Nintendo Wii games in Xbox 360

Can Wii games work on Xbox?

Games for the Nintendo Wii can only be played on the Wii or the Wii U. They cannot be played on the Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or any other console.

Do wii games work on Xbox?

No, Xbox Live was created for only Xbox and Xbox 360/Xbox 360 S systems. Plus, the Wii was made by Nintendo while the Xbox systems was made by Microsoft.

Do wii skylanders work on the xbox 360?

It depends if you get it for the Xbox 360 or not.

Xbox games on Xbox 360?

Meh.... The Original Xbox Games are fully playable on Xbox 360. No add on purchases like the Wii. There have been rumors that some games don't work. They still have Xbox games on Games on Demand, though.

What game system is better xbox 360 or Wii?

The xbox 360 and the wii have very good graphics but the wii is the best because the wii has better games , i am not saying that the xbox 360 socks its just that the wii is better ( for a family) , it has Mario games like SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL and the wii controls are awsome ! the xbox 360 doesnt have any Mario games , the xbox 360 is cool too you know because it has xbox live its a though desicion but i go for the wii!!

Can you play kareoke games for wii on xbox 360?

No the Xbox 360 can not play games from other consoles

Does Xbox games work on Wii consoles?

Xbox games will not work on a Wii, and Wii games will not work on a Xbox. however, if you mod soft your wii, you can play games from old platforms.

Can the Wii play XBox 360 games?

no no

Why donet xbox 360 games work on wii?

Easy, the company only made the games for certain systems.