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They do not directly turn into Zombies, but they turn into zombie villagers. Zombie villagers can be cured using golden apples and potions of weaknesses.

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Q: Do villagers turn into zombies in Minecraft?
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Can villagers attack you on Minecraft?

Villagers are never hostile towards you, unless they are zombies or you have a mod that causes villagers to attack you

What do zombies do on Minecraft?

Zombies are one of the first mobs, or mobile entities, in Minecraft. The zombie attacks you dealing damage depending on your difficulty setting and what armor you are wearing. Zombies also attack villagers and upon killing them, turn them into zombie villagers.(Zombie villagers can be healed when affected by weakness and fed a normal golden apple.) Zombies spawn in villages, dark areas, and when it is night. If an area is well lit a zombie cannot spawn unless its a siege in a village. The zombies will set on fire when exposed to daylight. On rare occasions zombies can pick up drop items and wield them as weapons or if it is armor or a head, as clothing. (Zombies do not set on fire by the sun if wearing head gear.) On normal difficulty or higher zombies can also break down wooden doors after repeated hits.

Do villagers eat in minecraft?

No, villagers do not eat.

How do you get villagers on Minecraft pocket editon?

Villagers aren't available on Minecraft P.E. yet.

Are there villagers in the free Minecraft?

There are villagers in the full version of Minecraft and the Minecraft demo. However there are no villagers in the Classic version of Minecraft, but it is possible for a server to create AI controlled entities (which mostly just stand there).

How do you breed villagers in Minecraft?

u cannot breed villagers

Are there villagers on minecraft PE?

Not yet

How was minecraft made by zombies?

Minecraft was not made by zombies. It was made by Swedish programmer Markus "Notch" Persson.

Why does villagers in minecraft need emeralds?

because emeralds were added to be able to trade with the villagers

Are there villagers on minecraft pocket edition?

Not yet

What is the smartest animal in Minecraft?


What do zombies drop in Minecraft?