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No you had to confirm you winning within the required time

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Q: Do they mail you your check if you won Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa?
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How do you check your number when you have one with Wheel of Fortune?

Go to the Wheel of Fortune site

What could you give someone for Secret Santa?

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What are some idea's on what to get someone for secret santa?

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Where do you register and check number on Wheel of Fortune TV show?

What were the wheel of fortune spin id numbers for January 2014?

You can check them all at the related link below.

The answer to Wheel of Fortune 6 letters 2nd and last letter S category is people?

hiking boots was the last bonus puzzle. Puzzles are always more than 6 letters. Check out the Wheel of Fortune solution site on the related link which includes puzzles from episodes of the current and past Wheel of Fortune seasons.

What are the answers to all Wheel of Fortune puzzles for December 2012?

See the related link and you must check each day

How do you check your Wheel of Fortunr code name?

Do you mean Wheel Of Fortune? if you do then you have to go and become a member and you will get a number. You will have to watch Wheel Of Fortune to see if you have won if you have then..... CONGRATZ!!

What time is wheel of fortune on in Florida?

Current Wheel of Fortune site was changed from an earlier sites that identified stations and there air times by state. You will just have check by zip code as there is more than a single station in Florida carring the show. Orlando has it on at 7:30 PM see related link

What is the answer to the May 2 2009 Wheel of Fortune bonus or final puzzle?

The Saturday May 2 2009 show is a repeat of the Oct 31 2007 show whose answer was CHECK THE BOX

How is million dollars paid on Wheel of Fortune?

It really isn't paid unless you have won. Do you mean is it cash or a check or is it spread out over time. They always call it a cash prize but I doubt that anyone would actually want it in cash and the IRS does require a person to have withholding tax taken out of winnings of that amount. Only one person has won a million dollars on Wheel of Fortune and that was on the episode that first aired on Oct 14 2008 when a contestant won $1,026,080.00. The winning contestant was 24 year old newlywed and floral designer Michelle Loewenstein from Santa Monica California when she won the million dollars.

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