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Q: Do pes 2011 works with pixel shader 2.0?
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What is gpu shader 3.0 pes 2012?

it's a ogiciel for pes 12

Registration code entry PES 2011?

registration key for PES 2011 ?

How do you shoot in pes 2011?

If you play PES on your pc, press A to shot

Can you cheat on pes 2011 on I pod touch?

no but wait...... U can dive on pes 2012 on I pod!

When was pes 2011 out?

It was out October 19 2010

What are the cheat codes for pes 2011?


Where is David Beckham in pes 2011?

L.A. Galaxy

When will be pes 2011 in stores?

Today, the 18th of October.

When will pes 2011 come out?

Oh you mean PES 2011? Oh i get it! You mean PES 2010 yes yes of course PES is better than FIFA yes yes now i believe that PES is the best soccer game ever and will never be replaced! There your ANSWER has been solved! By DANEBOE, you may remember me from such YOUTUBE video's such as: Kool Aid Killer and Marshmallow Murderer.

Do they have pes 2011 for ps2?

yes amazon sells it for $18.99

When is PES 2011 coming out on PS3?

it is coming out on between November and December

How do you install pes 2011 on windows 7 from the CD?

it says install