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Never in the anime *sadly*, however in the manga they pleasure themselves to each other *and other duelist* quite often. even made a short 13 episode saga based on the anime, *with BEAUTIFUL animated pictures*.

Here's a Link with more Information and SPOILERS:

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Q: Do jaden yuki and alexis Rhodes kiss?
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Do jaden yuki and Alexis Rhodes ever fall in love?


Does alexis Rhodes like jaden yuki in Yugioh gx?

It is implied that she does (for example in one episode Blair winks at Jaden and Alexis gets all mad) but it is never really confirmed and they never take their relationship past friends

Does jaden yuki like alexis Rhodes?

No one knows for sure since it is not stated in the anime or manga. Many people think that it is hinted that he likes Alexis but it is never shown. In my personal opinion, all those "hints" were just Jaden being a friend, and I have seen him be closer to the guys then the others. So unless Jaden is actually gay somehow, he doesn't seem to like anyone.

Who is Jaden Yuki's father?

Jaden Yuki's father is never mentioned in the series.

Is alexis Rhodes jaden yuki's girlfriend?

SomewhatJaden has strong feelings for her, yet her heart belongs to Zane *cause she likes that*. Here's a Link with more Information and SPOILERS:^_^ *Your Welcome*

How do you draw jaden yuki?

You can learn how on Dragoart

Yu-Gi-Oh gx jaden?

Jaden Yuki is the official name for the 4Kids dub for Yuki Judai in the original Japanese name. Jaden Yuki is the main character in Yu-Gi-Oh GX series composed of 180 Duel Monster episodes.

What Was Jaden Yuki's First strongest card?


Which episode is jaden yuki shirtless?

u pervert

In the anime does Jaden Yuki have any siblings?


What episode does jaden duel kaiba man?

Jaden Yuki duels Kiaba man in episode 34

List the cards that are in jaden yuki's starterer deck?

my manns