Do game cube games work on the Wii?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If it's an old enough build, yes. The newer Wiis that are on shelves in pretty much every store, can not run gamecube games. I suggest buying a Wii online. The ones that can run gamecube games will be a bit thicker and larger than the newer ones.

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Q: Do game cube games work on the Wii?
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Do wii games work for GameCube?

Yes just put your gamecube game in the wii and you can play the game you will need the game cube pad

Does the Wii ar work for GameCube games?

yes it can play game cube games

Will all Wii games play in a GameCube?

a game cube cannot play wii games a wii can play all game cube games provided they are not scratched

Is there a Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door for the Wii?

Paper Mario 2 (thousand year door) is onlyavailable for game cube but if you buy a game cube controller and memory card game cube games will work on the wii.

Is GameCube's Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3 compatible with Wii?

Most Game Cube games are compatible with the Wii so yes I would assume that that game would work, just make sure you have a Game Cube controller connected to the Wii.

Is Zelda ocarina of time on Nintendo wii?

no or at least the one i have is for game cube but you can play most game cube games on the wii

Can you play a wii game on the xbox?

No that's impossible to play a game on a different console it has to a older console the companys made Ex: Wii can play game cube games game cube cant play wii games same with PlayStation

Does Wii games work on GameCube?

no the other guy did not explain, you should notice that the wii game is larger than the cube itself-- or at least bigger than the game slot

Can you put Nintendo 64 on the Wii?

No but you can play game cube games

Will game cube controller work on wii?

Yes, the GameCube controller will work for the Nintendo Wii. Since the Wii can play GameCube games, it requires the use of the GameCube controller and Wii controllers will not work for GameCube games.Also, some Wii games such as Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros Brawl also are compatible with GameCube controllers.

Can Wii remote work with a Game-Cube controller at the same time in a Wii game?

If you mean in a multiplayer game can one person use a wii mote and the other use a gamecube controller maybe in some games. If you mean do a single player game with a wii mote and a gamecube controller then not very likely at all in most games.

Who wants to buy a GameCube for 200 dollars?

No one is going to buy a game cube from you they can get a wii for $199 and it plays game cube and wii games so why pay more for less