Do auto clickers give viruses

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Do auto clickers give viruses
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Are there any auto clickers for Mac OS X?


Where can i get an autoclicker?

Auto clickers are not allowed. Don't use them.

What is a Runescape auto-clicker for?

Auto-clickers are programs that automate mouse clicks so that you do not have to click the mouse repeatedly. They are often used for training magic with the "high-alchemy" spell. The use of auto-clickers is against the rules of RuneScape and if you are caught using one you can have your account suspended or banned, depending on how often you get caught using it. Most auto-clickers (and bots) are either filled with viruses or don't work and make your computer a lot slower. I've heard that Java based Auto-clickers and bots can not be properly scanned by anti-virus programs, as the anti-virus program will over- look any unwanted programs hidden in the java script. So you have to be careful with what you download, because what may seem like a simple program can easily have a key-logger, trojan, or virus hidden in it.

What do clickers in dog training do?

As with dog whistles they are used to give the dog commands.

What is a good autoclicker?

Please do not ask questions about auto clickers, as they are considered to be macro's, which is against Jagex's rules to use in-game.

What are clickers in Maplestory I'm not talking about hacks I'm talking about people clicking. My cousin once told me to be a clicker for his party and I didn't know what that meant.?

Being a clicker means that you click on Lakelis for the party, you have to be the party leader, so you can get into a KPQ you can get auto-clickers at

What do capsids give their viruses?

what do capsids give their viruses

What do capsids give viruses?

what do capsids give their viruses

Can yahoocom give your computer viruses?

No does not give your Computer viruses

Where can one find Student Response System clickers for the classroom?

Student Response System clickers for the classroom are sold by Irespond and Smart Tech. The clickers can also be found at School Outfitters, Socrative and Top Hat websites.

Does mp3raid give you viruses?

My friend got viruses from it, but any website that you download music iligally can give you viruses

Does Moshi Monsters give viruses?

No, Moshi Monsters does not give viruses. The game is designed to be safe and free from viruses.