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No words in the English language begin with the letters ss.

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Q: Do any words in the world begin with ss?
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Words that begin with x and contain ss?

There are no such words in the English language.

What are some SS related words that begin with the letter K?


Are there any words with SS pronounced as Z?

is, pea brains.

What are words that have 'ss' at the end?

Some words that end with SS are:actressamassacrossalbatrossbrassbusinesscompasscongresschessclassdarknessdiscussdepressdressempressflossfitnessfairnessfearlessglassguessgrassgrosshostesshomelessimpressjoylesskindnesslionesslasslessmadnessmessmassmissmossneedlessoppressprogressprocesspointlessquietnessrecesssadnesssuccesstactlesstimelesstemptressuselessvoicelesswitnessyouthfulnesszaniness

What are some Holocaust words that begin with the letter M?

· Majdanek - Concentration camp in Poland · Mengele, Joseph - Senior SS physician at Auschwitz

What is ironic about the SS's words of encouragement?

What is ironic about the SS's words of encouragement [The Book Night] Elie Wiesel

What did ss mean in world war II?

SS = Schutzstaffel .

Words with ss?

assess possess

Holocaust words that begin with the letter s?

· Sobibor - Extermination camp in Poland · SS - German unit that carried out the destruction of Jews in Europe. · Stroop, SS Major General Jurgen - Sentenced to death and executed in Poland in 1951. · Stutthof - Concentration camp in Poland

Who were the SS police in World War 1?

The SS or Schutzstaffel developed AFTER World War I, so the question is inapt. In World War II, the SS police was a Nazi paramilitary police force.

Any words from World War 2 that begin with an S?

Not sure what you mean by "From WW2": only used in WW2 or relates to WW2? Here is a good one. Stuka (the German dive bomber airplane) Skorzeny or SS-Sturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny who was the German commando who carried out the raid to extract the exiled Mussolini and organized Germans outfitted as US troops during the Battle of the Bulge.

What was himmler's part in world war 2?

He was the leader of the Nazi SS (Reichsfuhrer - SS).