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no they do not. The answers are not allowed to be provided to game show contestants. They would break Federal Laws inacted in 1960 after a scandal.

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The American quiz show scandals of the 1950s were a series of revelations that contestants of several popular television quiz shows were secretly given assistance by the show's producers to arrange the outcome of a supposedly fair competition. The quiz show scandals were driven by a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons included the drive for financial gain, money, the willingness of contestants to "play along" with the assistance, and the lack of current regulations prohibiting the rigging of Game Shows.

The United States Congress passed the 1960 amendments of the Communications Act of 1934, preventing anyone from fixing quiz shows

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Q: Do Wheel of Fortune contestants see lists of possible answers?
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Can you provide a complete list of past Wheel of Fortune contestants?

No Wheel of Fortune not provide that information on there contestants. There have been thousands of contestants since the Nighttime Syndicated Wheel of Fortune Began in September 1983

What contestants were on Wheel of Fortune August 16 2012?

College Students were the contestants

How did Brian Pacheco do on Wheel of Fortune?

Wheel of Fortune does not give the last names of contestants like Jeopardy

Who is the source of all the Wheel of Fortune puzzles and the Jeopardy trivia questions and answers?

During the TV week of Wheel of Fortune that ended on April 24 2009 Vanna White indicted that she helps to create the Wheel of Fortune puzzles. Jeopardy trivia questions and answers are a completely different show with a team of researchers needed to provide and verify other possible correct answers. That is why on Jeopardy they sometimes have to make adjustments to the contestants totals during the show.

Can you give me a list of contestants on Wheel of Fortune March 16 2010?

Names of the Contestants are not available on any Wheel of Fortune site. If you have a acceptable reason you might contact the Wheel of Fortune show for the information. They maintain names of the contestants because they are not allowed to reappear on the program. (see the related link)

Do all contestants on Wheel of Fortune keep their winnings?


How do you solve Wheel of Fortune puzzles?

The contestants solve the puzzles.

Is their a quota for minority contestants chosen for Wheel of Fortune?


What do the contestants of Wheel of Fortune get to keep?

Unlike Jeopardy contestants keep the money won or get theminimum$1000

What is the answer to the Wheel of Fortune winner?

The Puzzle and contestants are different for each show or the Spin ID is different for the home Wheel of Fortune winners

What is the height limit for Wheel of Fortune contestants?

Why would they have a height limit

Who were the players on Wheel on Fortune for March 24 2012?

They were the contestants from the original episode date of January 21 2011. Wheel of Fortune contestants are not like a Jeopardy show contestants who provide a full name, occupation, and location and are available after the show in the Jeopardy Archive. Wheel of Fortune contestant identities are private and they only provide a first name during the program which is not available after the program has aired.