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No. Genesis games only work in Genesis machines, Master System games only work for their intended consoles and same thing with Game Gear games. Needless to say, Dreamcast games only work on Dreamcast.

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Q: Do Sega games work on all Sega consoles?
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Can you play Sega CD games on the Sega Dreamcast?

== == == == The Dreamcast is not backwards compatible with earlier Sega game consoles, so it is not possible to play Sega CD games on a Dreamcast system. However, the Dreamcast's built in music CD player can probably play any audio CD tracks contained in a Sega CD game. Note that not all Sega CD games utilized CD audio tracks for music.

What made Sega go from making games consoles to just making games?

the presure from nintendo and the fact that dreamcast could not sell good enough to turn profit for sega, all these years of making failed products like sega cd sega 32x sega cdx the cancelled neptune , saturn and the fact that ea wouldnt make any games for sega hurt them , so they decided it was time to go third party , hope that answer is good enough

Who is the better company - Nintendo or Sega?

Reasons why Nintendo is better company: 1. SEGA only designs games now, Nintendo still makes both consoles and games. 2. Nintendo was founded in 1889 and had business experience. When SEGA released the master system, they were 25-30 years old. Nintendo was 100. 3. SEGA ended up getting kicked out of the console business and went to work for their former enemy.

Do Nintendo 3ds games work on all ds consoles?

No, 3DS games only work on the 3DS and 3DS XL as well as the 2DS

Can candian xbox360 games work on normal xbox 360?

Yes.... all xbox 360 games work on all xbox 360s unless the game is scratched Answer 2Canadian Games (with the NTSC sign on them) work on all NTSC consoles(North America, and maybe south America) They will NOT, however work in European and Australian Consoles, Which are PAL, not NTSC, sorry

Do all PSP games work on all PSP consoles?

Yes, all PSP games are specifically developed for the PSP console so they will all work. The same cannot be said of PS Vita games, Vita games won't work on the PSP.

Games work on different systems?

Yes but not all a PS1 Game will work on a PS2. Most games like Xbox games and PC games will not work on other consoles. They are formatted to work on a specific console.

Do US Xbox 360 games work on European Consoles?

Yes, all U.S. games work on every Xbox 360 console no matter what country it is in.

Can you play Xbox 360 lite games on Xbox 360 arcade?

There is no difference! All Xbox 360 games work on all Xbox 360 consoles.

Does Sega make all sonic games?


Svr 2011 work on an old PS2?

Yes an older model will still play the newer games. all PS2 consoles will play all PS2 games

Who is the manufacture of the Idog?

The manufacture is SEGA. Don't look up SEGA. I tried that. It does not work at all. Anything SEGA related is access denied.