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Ms. Pacman is insanely easy, so a brain-crippled toddler could beat level one, and it has somewhat of a love-storyline. Pacman is fastpaced, has a blue map(obviously) and is generally a better challenge. except for the fruits. quite more common in pacman.

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Q: Difference between pacman and ms pacman?
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What is the difference between pacman and ms pacman?

My mom said that mrs. Pacman has different parts!

What is the difference between MsPacman and Pacman?

Ms. Pacman has filled-in obstacles (allowing the field to be seen better) and is harder, because the ghosts move randomly and the power pellets stop working after a certain level. Ms. Pacman also runs out of coding at Level 256(?) and causes an infinite empty field. Also, the orange ghost's name in PacMan was CLYDE but in Ms. PacMan it is named SUE.

What was the most Popular 1980 video game?

ms. pacman! love brian! ms. pacman! love brian! ms. pacman! love brian!

Does pacman like ms pacman?

Of course PacMan likes Ms. PacMan! After the first 2 levels, they *kiss*, and after the 9th level, they have a *baby*! Does he like her? He loves her!

When did ms pacman and pacman meet?

In the Mrs. Pacman game after stage 2.

Is pacman awesome?

You bet. ms Pacman is equally popular and is considered the Queen of the Arcade.

Is menstrual ms pacman a real game?


How Many levels are in ms pacman?


How do you play two players on google pacman?

hit submit coin twice in a row really fast and it will come up with a pacman and a ms. pacmanregular controls for pacmana s w d controls for ms. pacmangood luck and have fun with google pacman!

What was the most popular arcade game?

PacMan Ms. Pacman Asteroids Donkey Kong Tron Take your pick!

Does pacman have a tongue?

ye he dothe pac of thr man is segyyyy

What Game has a change of ghost name from Clyde to Sue?

Ms Pacman