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I'm pretty sure he didn"t.

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Q: Did the Pokemon creator die in the tsunami?
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Did the creator of Pokemon die in the tsunami?

No; fortunately, the Tsunami in Japan did not affect Nintendo or any of its buildings, nor did anyone working for Nintendo at that time die.

Did the creator of Pokemon die in the earthquake?

He's a flying type, so no.

Did the Naruto creator Die in Japan?

No, Masashi Kishimoto survived the tsunami if I am correct.

Did the maker of Pokemon die in the tsunami?


Did the craetor of Pokemon die in the tsunami in Japan?

No. He was not.

Is Nintendoin Japan shut down by earthquake and tsunami?

no, but the creator of Pokemon almost died. the worst thing that happened to him was he fainted.

Is the person who made Pokemon alive or dead?

The creator of the Pokemon franchise is still alive, though he was rumored to have died in the tsunami that struck Japan a while back.

Did the creator of Pokemon die in the Japan earthquake?

No, the Pokémon creator named Satoshi Tajiri did not die in the earthquake in Japan.

Did the creator of Pokemon die?

no lots of people have been saying thatyeah lots of people say that but its not trueThe creator of Pokemon is Satoshi Tajiri and he is still alive(age 45.)

Who is the creator of Pokemon?

If you mean who is the human creator of Pokemon, then it is Satoshi Tajiri.If you are referring to the creator of Pokemon in the franchise, it is Arceus.

Did the creator of Pokemon die in the earthquake of Japan?

Yes he did,he was standing outside of his house thinking what is going on.

Where is the ball creator in Pokemon sapphire?

There's no such thing as a ball creator in Pokemon