Did sony made the Wii system?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, Nintendo made the Wii.

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Q: Did sony made the Wii system?
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Why cant you play PlayStation games on the wii?

Simply becaus Sony made the PlayStation and Nintendo made the Wii. Because the platform of your games is Playstaion/Sony, they are not compatible with the Wii.

Can a PlayStation 2 game work with a wii console?

Nope wii is made by Nintendo and playstation is made by sony so they have absolutely no compatibility.

Why is Brawl being released for Wii?

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is on the Wii because it is the current system of Nintendo; games are no longer being made for the GameCube. Also, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a Nintendo game, not a Microsoft or Sony game.

Do Wii games work on a playstation2?

no they don't, Wii is made my Nintendo and the ps2 is made by Sony, it wouldn't be in there interest to spend money on making there competitors games run on their own console.

Who made the PS3 console?

Sony makes PS3Microsoft makes Xbox 360and Nintendo makes Wii.

Are they making a crash bandicoot for wii?

It is very unlikely, as crash bandicoot was previously made by naughty dog ltd, but has now been brought by sierra games, which have made a contract with sony. sony make ps1,2 and 3, so sierra wont make a wii game.

Who created the Nintendo wii?


Is there the game Littlebigplanet on the wii?

There is currently no Little Big Planet released for the Nintendo Wii, and most likely never will be. Little Big Planet is a Sony product, making it reasonable why it'd be released on a Sony Playstation. It would be very unlikely for Sony to co-operate with Nintendo to release a Little Big Planet for the Nintendo Wii. It is just like how the Mario series were made by Nintendo and are only playable on game systems made by Nintendo.

Can you connect a PSP to a Wii?

No, the Sony PSP cannot connect with the Nintendo Wii

Can you use Wii games on my SONY PS3?


Will ratchet and clank ever be on Nintendo Wii?

they have made a secret agent clank toy. its plastic.

Is modnation racers coming out in wii?

It's on PS3, You expect Sony to release any of their games on a console made by Nintendo?