Did sonic and sally acorn break up?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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well what I think is that after the events of sonic the hedgehog, Sonic just broke contact with Sally and never saw her again.

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Q: Did sonic and sally acorn break up?
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Does Sally Acorn cheat on Sonic?

Technically, no. She does date Kahn the Monkey King, but that's after her and Sonic break up, so she never cheated on him.

Why do Sonic and Sally break up?

They dont break up

Who does sonic love more Amy rose or sally te acorn?

Of course sally and they have first love in each other

Did sonic break up with sally?

YES but now sonic has a new girlfriend her name is amy

How did Mina miller die?

Sally acorn kicked this dude in the nuts and Sonic come and kissed Sally but Minas heart broke in to peasers.The dude that got kicked got up and was aming the gun at Sally as he fired the gun.Mina jumped in front of Sally and mina fell to the ground.As she had her last worlds and said 'i luv you ,Sonic' . and sally and sonic were sad and sonic said sadly 'no'this is true

Who is sonic dating?

typically he dates a few girls showed in sonic archie comic to 150 to 152 playing six girls at a time. most of the time sonic is dating sally acorn but sally keeps jumping to one boy to another so love live is pretty mess up

Is sonic fast? the sonic unleashed game, sonic runs at top speed up to 3000 miles per hour. in sonic x,it says he travels at the speed of sound. in the series sonic the hedgehog(has sally acorn in it) he runs so fast he blows people off thier feet.

Who does Sonic love?

It depends on what media you look at. In most media, Sonic is in love with Princess SAlly Acorn (that includes the archie comics, Sat. am, the adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog (the christmas special only) and some pixilized video games). But, in the archie world, Sonic has had been interested in other women such as Bunnie Rabbot, and Fiona Fox. But, this has been only on one occation. In Sonic X, his love interist is Amy Rose. In Sonic and The Black Knight Sonic agrees to go out on a date with Amy, but ends up missing it to defeat King Aurthur. In the archie comics, Amy is seen trying to win over his affetions, but, most of the time, fails. But in one issue (during Sonic's breakup with Sally) Sonic and Amy are seen going off on a date (Amy's treat). So, to sum it all up, Sonic's main love interist in most meida is Sally Acorn, but in others, it can be Amy Rose. I hoped I helped!

Who does sonic like Amy or Sally?

Sonic likes both Sally and Amy but in a friendly matter. In a romantic matter, however, Sonic is seemed to be attracted to both females, but in different media. Sonic is seen to have interest in Sally Acorn in Sonic The Hedgehog Archie Comics, The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog (The Christmas Special only), Sonic The Hedgehog the television series, and most pixilized games. However, Sonic is attracted to Amy in other media such as Sonic X, Most video games(it is hinted), and in one issue of Sonic The Hedgehog Archie Comics, (During Sonic and Sally's break up) they went out on a date (Amy's treat). Although Sonic has been attracted to other women on more then one occasion, such as Bunnie Rabbot, Fiona Fox, (The Archie Comics), Breezie, Roxy, Sonnette, Miss Possum, Merna, (The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog),Tiara B.(Sonic X-Treme), and Madonna (Sonic The Hedgehog The Video Game).The only twofemales to be romantically interested in Sonic and to have Sonic not share the same feelings is Sara and Mina Mongoose.

Who would win sally acorn or Amy rose?

Amy Rose has the Piko-Piko hammer (also known as a squeaky hammer or squeaky mallet), and we have Sally who is a tactician and controls the Freedom Fighters, and has good skills in fighting. Sally would win hands down, but it's up to your own opinion.

What website can you go to so you can get a Sally plush from sonic the hedgehog? and look up sally plsh doll

Why do they make Mina and Sally like Sonic in a triangle instead of Amy and Sally liking Sonic Amy Rose was made way before Mina Mongoose entered the comic?

They aren't. Archie just wanted to see who was the fans favorite out of the three therefore resulting in Amy Rose the Hedgehog who now appears in the recent games leaving the others disposed of .They made an attempt to put Mina Mongoose in the games but nobody really liked her, therefore she ended up like Sally Acorn: OBLITTERATED. Nobody really liked Princess Sally Alicia Acorn and Mina the Mongoose because they were other animals besides Amy who was a Hedgehog. It didn't seem right for Sonic to like a Mongoose( who can EAT a Hedgehog) or a chipmunk ( That is smaller than the average hedgehog). Think people, THINK