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the resounding answer is NO! herobrin never existed in minecraft. it was most likely a mod or a hoax put on by a very bored person. Notch has actually said this

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Q: Did herobrin exist in Minecraft 1.1?
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Who was herobrin from mindcraf?

Herobrin is a mithical enemy in minecraft he is said to be notches brother but nobody really knows ... by the way if you dnt know who notch is hes the creater of minecraft

Is herobrin in minecraft pocket edition?

No. Herobrine is a myth generated by fans and possibly the creator. Google it if you want to know more, but I am almost positive herobrine doesn't really exist. And if he does, hes probably not in the pocket edition yet. :D

Do trolls exist on Minecraft?

The only way trolls exist on minecraft is if you have the mo' Creatures mod

How do you get an Appaloosa in Minecraft?

The Appaloosa does not exist in vanilla Minecraft.

Do creeper dragons exist in minecraft?

No, creeper dragons do not yet exist in Minecraft. The only type of dragon that currently exists is the Enderdragon.

Is there a bed in Minecraft 1.2?

1. Minecraft 1.2 does not exist... yet... the latest version is Minecraft 1.1 2. Yes there are beds in Minecraft, and there has been for quite a while. 3. There will most likely be beds in Minecraft 1.2 since they exist in 1.1

How do you tame a owl in Minecraft?

Owls do not exist in vanilla Minecraft, so you can't.

What is the best way to avoid herobrine in Minecraft?

play minecraft.... he doesn't exist xD

Does herobrine exist in minecraft?

Herobrine doesn't exist,he is actually a Creepy Pasta

Does a weeping angel exist in Minecraft?

yes it does

How do you get minecraft on 3ds XL?

it dossent exist

Can Herobrine respawn in Minecraft?

Herobrine doesn't exist in minecraft. All the videos on youtube are fake and the minecraft wiki page on it is just for a troll