Did faunasphere really close down

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, our beloved game, Faunasphere, did close down.

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Q: Did faunasphere really close down
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Is it possible that Faunasphere will be opened again?

Yes, Faunasphere IS shutting down. It's been shut down a long time ago.

Can you chat on faunasphere?

YES! you CAN CHAT ON faunasphere! Help spread the news about faunasphere!Pretty please with sugar on top?

Is faunasphere super?

FAUNASPHERE IS NOT SUPER IT IS.... THE BEST GAME ONLINE well at least for me try it and you can rate it too and get fun!

Did Aeropostale really close down?


How do you help the scrutinizer without your fauna getting miserable on faunasphere?

when u are going to help the scruziner on Faunasphere be sure your faunas happiness is all the way up. there is no way to help the srutiziner without getting miserable but u can eat food that makes your fauna happy or see if u can get some friends on Faunasphere to help you. i hope i gave u the info :) Faunasphere rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you get a nest on faunasphere?

go to a lux shop and by 1 idea

Are there any games out there like Faunasphere where you can build your own world and have quest and animal genetics?

Honestly, I've been looking for the same kinda game for like half a year now. I've found one a little similar, its called Camp which is a app you can get on phones and iPods. I wish faunasphere did come back though.. it was such a good game, but unfortunately its down for good. There are some sites that fans have made up saying how much they want it back or fake Faunasphere sites saying its coming back, sadly its not.Hope I helped :-)

What to do when your down?

call your mum or dad, or a really close friend and have a chat

How do you turn your fauna heat proof on Faunasphere?

You have to buy the Heat Proof candy.

Is faunasphere fun?

Yes it is super fun! Help spread the word about it PLEASE?!?!

What is fauna sphere money?

faunasphere money is called LUX hope this helps

Is fauna sphere fun?

Yes! It is super fun and you should play it! Come on lets spread the word about it! PLEASE!! - Yup!!! Faunasphere is the best game ever until it's owners closed it down :(