Dark sonic in sonic x

Updated: 4/28/2022
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in the episode sonic turns to dark super sonic, it is only because he is

overwhelmed with anger, he becomes normal not to long after.

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Q: Dark sonic in sonic x
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How do you get dark Sonic on Sonic heros?

Dark Sonic Was only In The Sonic X Anime.

What game is Darker Sonic from?

I don't think dark Sonic's in a game but dark sonic was shown in sonic x

Sonic transform into Super dark Sonic?

That's Dark Super Sonic. He's appear on Sonic X episode 67

In what episode of Sonic X did Sonic turn into dark Sonic?

Episode 67 Of Sonic X (It's Called Teasing Time.)

In which season of sonic x does dark sonic make his appearance?


What episode of Sonic x does Sonic turn dark?

Episode 67

How does sonic turn into dark super sonic?

(by the way... its Dark Sonic) When the 7 chaos emeralds are nearby they turn dark and the bring the power to sonic. (Dark Sonic is powerful than super sonic.)

Will dark super Sonic be in Sonic x?

Yes, but he only shows up once in the entire Sonic X series.

Is Sonic dark Sonic in only one Sonic x episode?

Yes, he is also in the ORIGINAL EXTRA.

What game Is dark sonic from?

He is not from a game just the cartoon series Sonic X. If you are talking about Darkspine Sonic, he is from Sonic and the Secret Rings

Is there a Dark Super Sonic?

Yes, when Sonic loses his temper, the negative energy in the Chaos Emeralds turns him into Dark Super Sonic. This only happened in Sonic X and as of yet, it is not canon to the games.

Will dark Sonic be in another episode of Sonic x?

I'm not sure if they're even making any more episodes of Sonic X... so, probably not.