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I don't know but is sadv_paltol to hack sonic and look like dark sonic

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Q: Dark sonic code for Sonic advance 3?
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What is the dark sonic code for sonic advance 3?

is sadv_paltol to hack sonic to look like dark sonic

What is the code for dark sonic in sonic advance 3?

it is a hack

What is the code to change into dark super Sonic in Sonic Advance 3?

you have to hack it but i would NOT do it if i where you

Masterer code for sonic advance plus sonic battle?

I dont know the sonic battle master code but the sonic advanc master code is 993E41C6E209 5D550DE6754D 9E951E48E531

How do you unlock dark sonic in sonic colours?

you need to get the activation code... :/

What is the dark sonic code in sonic battle?

happydarkside kidding sorry

Super sonic GameShark code for sonic advance 3?

THE GAME SHARK CODE IS: 2ehji4 + your real name

Is there a action replay code to turn sonic into super sonic in sonic chronicles dark brotherhood?

Please, no cheating!

How do you get super sonic in sonic advance 3 with a button code?

You don't; not every game has button codes.

Is there a code for sonic chronicles the dark brotherhood for max level sonic?

no, now move along

What is the code for dark sonic in brawl?

There no code for it but still you can unlock him here's the steps 1 step click at sonic turn sonic black step 2 go to luigi's house step 3 go outside in the dark then pause the game you will see him dark sonic but he's not complete

How do you do the dark sonic cheat code on Super Smash Bros Brawl?

there is,nt dark sonic iff you ment wherehog it would be no