Dark Lugia cheat code

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The only way I know how 2 catch shadow Lugia is to walk in a poke mart pressing L n R

You will see a man in green. Talk to him and he will give you an azure Flute. Some people say that the azure flute gets you arceus, but it also lets you find a REALLY RARE POKEMON!

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Q: Dark Lugia cheat code
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What is the cheat code to get Lugia?

find it supercheats

What is the baby Lugia cheat code?

there isn't one

What is the action replay code in Pokemon diamond to get dark Lugia?

Sorry mate. No such thing as dark lugia

How do you get a Lugia on diamond without a cheat code?

you cant as sinnoh is the wrong region. or you could enter a cheat code

What is the action replay code for dark Lugia for Pokemon pearl?

there is no code nore will there ever be a code for a dark lugia... get Pokemon xd on the gamecube if you want a shadow lugia!!! Though, you'd have to 'purify' shadow lugia into a normal one before moving it onto another game ...

How do you get a Dark Lugia in pearl?

herse the code 123455673dab346d2000000000000056332244433222

How do you get a lugia on pearl without a cheat code?

go to Pokemon league

What is the action replay code to get dark Lugia in Pokemon platinum?

Dark Lugia is only available in hacked roms therefore there is no ar cod for it. NO! THATS NOT RIGHT! I FOUND THE CODE! AND YOU SPELLED 'CODE' WRONG!

How do you catch dark lugia in Pokemon Diamond?

There's no way to catch a Dark Lugia in the Diamond version of the Pokémon games because this legendary Pokémon doesn't exist there. In order to get one of them, you will need to use a cheat code and an Action Replay cartridge.

How do you capture Lugia in Pokemon Saphire?

no you cant because you need a cheat code

How do you get shadow Lugia in pkmn ss?

i think you mean shiny lugia. you only get it with a cheat code if you really must know. -RR14

Shadow Lugia cheat code?

Shadow Lugia is only available in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness and is fought as part of the storyline. You're able to get a Master Ball prior to fighting Shadow Lugia, so catching it shouldn't be a problem and needs no cheat code.