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Beat World 5 as Mini Mario.

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Q: DS game new super Mario how do you get to wold 7?
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What is the game after Super Mario Brothers wii?

New Super Mario Bros U is the game created afterwards.

Is there a new Super Mario Brothers online free?

no BUT there is how ever a New Super Mario FLASH game called Mario's Adventure 2.

What is the best Mario ds game?

The new super Mario brothers

How do you get to the desert level on new super Mario?

you need to be more specific. I don't know what new super Mario game you're talking about. Is it New Super Mario Bros Wii or New Super Mario Bros (DS)? And what level? is it 2-A (DS Mario game) or another level? If you answer all these questions in your question, I can figure out what you need.

How can you get wario on new super Mario?

wario is not in the game

How do you be Daisy on New Super Mario Brothers?

no she is not in the game

Is new Super Mario Brothers U coming out for 3DS?

No, New Super Mario Bros U is a Wii U game.

How do you go to challenge mode in the new super Mario game?

Challenge mode doesn't exist in New Super Mario Bros.

What Mario game has bowser's kids in it?

New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Bros. 3, and I forgot what else.

Where can i find a Mario game where you can ride Yoshi?

Super Mario World Super Mario RPG: The Legend of The 7 Stars Super Mario Sunshine New Super Mario Bros. Wii Super Mario Galaxy 2 Get riding!

Is new Super Mario Brothers 2 on wii?

No, the game New Super Mario Bros. 2 is for the Nintendo 3DS.You have, however, New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U which are both for the Nintendo Wii U.

What is the Mario game with poker called?

Mario picture poker if you are talking about the ones on Super Mario 64 ds or New Super Mario Bros