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Right: D

Left: A

Down: S

Jump: W

Drop: F

Use (Pick up): Shift

Bullettime: Q

Switch weapon: E

Pause: P

Quit: Enter

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Q: Controls of madness combat interactive
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How can you make a madness combat mod?

well first you need to download the file for madness interactive then to open it you need a flash player 8 or higher

How do you drop stuff in madness combat?

I would look on the controls to know which button to drop and item

What are the release dates for Madness Combat - 2002 Madness Combat 1-1?

Madness Combat - 2002 Madness Combat 1-1 was released on: USA: 25 June 2002

Madness interactive the ultimate mod cheats?

The answer is actually quite simple. The cheats are the same as the ones for madness interactive.

Cheats for madness combat interactive?

Arnold = pumped up! willis = Invincibility! newyorkminute = Infinite Bullet-time! Guide = Laser Guide! Armstrong = Double Reach! Apollo = All Enemies Use Explosives! flcl = Infinite Ammo! hop = High Jump! gump = Run! minnie = Minigun Power! And those are the cheats for Madness Combat Interactive Game! Bye Conor Downes

Is there a madness combat 11?

Madness combat 11 is an upcoming animation of krinkels,so yes there might be madness combat 11.

What will the name of madness combat 9 be?

It Will Be "Madness Aggregation"

Where can you play Family Guy Madness Interactive?

Just do a Google Search for Family Guy Madness Interactive and you'll see several sites.

What are cheats for madness combat defense?

I searched on Google, there were 1160 results, but there is no cheats for Madness Combat Defense.

How do you get madness interactive tar mod?


Are there cheats for madness interactive heckler and koch?

no they are not.

Where do you get cool madness mods?

Go to or.... Go to and search madness interactive