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the psp plays for you

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Q: Controls for dragon ball z shin budokai another road?
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Is dragon ball z shin budokai another road the same as dragon ball z shin budokai 2?

they are the same but shin budokai 2 is in usa

Is dragon ball z shin budokai another road the same fighting style as dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi games?


Which is better Dragon Ball Z budokai or Dragon Ball Z budokai tenkachi?

I think it's budokai tenkaichi

Dragon Ball Z budokai 2?

Yes dragon ball z budokai 2

How can you change the controls on Dragon Ball Z budokai tenkaichi 2?

wat do u mean by change control

What Dragon Ball Z game has ssj4 Goku?

some game's like burst limit,budokai1,shin budokai,shin budokai another rode,

Are they going to make another dragon ball z budokai tenkaich?

no, most likely not.

How do you transform in Dragon Ball Z budokai x 2.4.5?

what do i press to transform in dragon ball z budokai x 2.4.5

Does Dragon Ball Z budokai have fusions?

No but Budokai 2 has 2.

What is Dragon Ball Z shin budokai another road's cheat code for psp?

just go to google or yahoo and search it here is the website (dragon ball z shin budokai another road's psp ceats) easy

Which dbz games do they make for gba?

2006 - Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai 2007 - Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road 2009 - Dragonball Evolution 2010 - Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team 4 in total on PSP.

How do you type in passwords for Dragon Ball Z budokai 3?

There are no cheats for Dragon ball Z budokai 3 PC. Ashwin Hendre