Connect the dots with only 3 lines?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Send in the dots.

We're ready.

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Q: Connect the dots with only 3 lines?
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How can you connect 9 dots without lifting your pencil with only 3 lines?

. . . . . . . . . like this type only in 3 lines.

How do you connect 9 dots with 3 straight lines and not lifting your pencil?

You need to extend the lines far beyond the box of dots. Your answer should look like a really tall and skinny N.

How do you connect 3 circles and 3 squares with 9 lines?

draw lines and connect them

How do you arrange 7 dots in such a way that you can draw straight lines through 6 sets of 3 dots?

o o o o o o o Just connect the line base on 3dots per set.

How many lines intersect 3 dots?


How can you trace 9 dots with 3 lines?

Example: ... ... ... put 1 line on the first 3 dots, 1 line on the 2nd 3 dots and 1 line on the last 3 dots. ......... if you meant like that, then do the same thing. just act like they are in 3's.

How do you connect 3 rows of 3 dot's only using 4 straight lines?

See the related link, "Solution" below.

How do you solve separate 7 dots with 3 lines?

if it like this, ... . ... then all you do is make a z or s shape then you will hit all the dots

If you had 9 dots how would you connect then all with 4 lines?

Put the dots in a general square outline. But make one side have 4 dots and the others have 3. Then go around the outline of the square.

What is the code for the truth file 12 in assassins creed 2?

The answer is 1= two lines and a dot, 3= three lines, and 9= a line and two dots

How do you draw a mystic rose?

You start by drawing a circle then draw 3+ dots on the circled edge, next connect all the dots with each other but don't go over the same line twice. for a 4 dotted circle you should end up with 6 lines altogether and with 5 you should have 10 lines altogether also 6-15 7=21 10=45 11=55 12=66

How do you find the Pokemon with the 6 dots?

There is no 1 Pokemon with 6 dots, there are 4, but there are only 3 in ruby Sapphire and emerald. The 3 are called, Regice, Regirock, and Registeel.