Codes for mega man red sun?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Once you get the VarSword chip you can use "secret swords attacks" in every battle you want . When you are in a battle select the VarSword chip , press and hold A and enter this codes quick. {| ! scope="col" | Cheat |- ! scope="col" | Effect | Down,Down-Right and Right Long Sword attack Up,Up-Right,Right,Right-Down and Down Wide Sword attack Down,Left,Up,Right and Down Life Sword Attack Left,Left-Down,Down,Down-Right and Right Hero Sword Attack Left,B,Right and B Sonic Slash Attack

After you get the chip NeoVari N from Undernet5, you can push the A button for a slash that does 240 DMG. But, if you put in certain combonations while you hold the A button down, you can increase the range of the sword.

! scope="col" | Cheat ! scope="col" | Effect | Up, B, Down, B, Up Double LifeSword Down, Right, Up Cross Sword Left, Right, Left, B Super Sonic Boom

Once you beat the normal Navi decode this AJEKDUR2437561 and put it into the Staff Code window. ! scope="col" | Cheat ! scope="col" | Effect | RAEJDUK Get into Park area 1 |}

When Higsby gets the NumberMan Trader, enter these codes to get the items. {| ! scope="col" | Password |- ! scope="col" | Effect | 74293099 GunDelSol EX G 68009092 WideShot 3 T 46292983 FlameLine 1 G 57604335 FlameLine 3 J 88019791 TwinFang 3 G 77038416 AirHockey 3 V 66703422 Recover300 J 32108251 Snake R 03696458 VariableSword C 19095677 ColorPoint * 30873642 HP+500(NC Block) 02109544 MegaFolder2(NC Block) 73298100 Rush(NC Block) 25435428 Beat(NC Block) 10170506 Tango(NC Block) 43494372 Body Pack(NC Block) 05178924 Buster Pack(NC Block) 75420107 Custom2(NC Block) 97618739 HP+500(NC Block) 14769745 Untrap 02368995 Untrap 24247309 SneakRun 89866302 SneakRun 27979609 LockEnemy 37198940 LockEnemy 16589650 MiniEnergy 45798331 MiniEnergy 59891137 FullEnergy 84625799 FullEnergy 00274304 Unlocker 94872322 Unlocker |}

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Q: Codes for mega man red sun?
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What are Game shark codes for mega man battle network 4 red sun?

Well i don't know any off the top of my head but you might wanna check out a site that has all different codes like http:/

How do you find bass in mega- man 4 red sun?

get to undernet with all 150 standard chips

In the game mega man red sun where is the chief's navi?

Know, how to pick the right satta matka website?

How do you get to blizzard man in mega-man battle network 4 red sun?

You mean in the Tournament? Its all random, although it is common to get him in the finals.

In mega man battle network 4 red sun how to get the data in mettaur village?

I forge,t but if you to talk to a Navi in ACDC 3 She/he will be able to tell you the directions to a navi that knows

Where is fire man on mega man battle network 4 red sun?

After you get paired up with him as your next match he will be fighting with Burn man in Park area 3. Or if you meant after you fight him him in the tournament he will become invisible and be wondering around Park area 3.

Where you can get mega chip from laserman in Megaman red sun?

The mega chip for Laser man is at the end of under net 5. the only way to get to under net 5 is to have all of the soul unisions by beating the game 3 time. Make sure to bring 3 unlockers cause the neovari sword and sanctuary are there and need unlockers to be openend

How do you get a wing part in mega man battle network 4 red sun?

It's in Town area 3 although, you need to go to Park area 1 and then find a different way to get in Town area 3 other than the way you came in.

Where do you find search man megaman red sun?

In undernet 6

How do you get to laser man in Megaman bluemoon?

i think its the same in red sun cuz ive played red sun b4. but i need to know how far into the game you are to answer the question.

How does zero from mega man die?

he never died. if you have Mega Man zero 4, at the ending when you see zero's destroyed helmet, if u look close to the sun, you will see a shadow of a figure just standing there, it figure is far away so that's why its small. this is proof that zero has never died

Where you can get the mega chip from roll in Megaman red sun?

there is no megachip for roll only the navis you beat and don't joing souls with there is magachips for except the "uncool" navis (the one that you see everywhere).