Codes for UB funkeys

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Codes for UB funkeys
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How do you unlock everything on ub funkeys?

Buy all the funkeys and get all the codes

Is UB Funkeys coming out with UB Funkeys?


How do you put cheats in on ub funkeys?

At the menu go to options and click on codes

What is UB FunKeys Starter Kit?

a ub funkeys starter kit is a big funkey which you buy with 2 funkeys. You put the funkey on the top and when you play ub funkeys you will turn to that funkey.I got mine with 4 from Santa.

Where to get ub funkeys?


Can you swim in UB funkeys?


How do you get on funkeys?

if you are new you put the disc in and download the software when it is downloaded click on th ub funkeys sign. if your not new you click on the ub funkeys sign.

When will the new series of ub funkeys be released?

Funkeys are Discontinued

What Store Is UB Funkeys At?

You can go to AMAZON.COM to buy funkeys

What are some free online cheat codes for free loot on ub funkeys?

I don't think there is one.

How do you change UB funkeys?

Use other funkeys and that's how you change it

Where to buy a cell phone on ub funkeys?

Chat Funkeys' Stores