Code for ganguro girl

Updated: 4/28/2022
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"u are gay im am not" stands for a girl is gay a.k.a u married a boy

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Q: Code for ganguro girl
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Where can you download ganguro girl game?

why the people like ganguro

What is ganguro girl 1.5?

it is an rpg game which you will need to convince the ganguro girl-saori to come with you in the love hotel and do something unexplainable.

Hangman word for Ganguro Girl v1.5?

ganguro girls are named for their dark tans Hope that helped ;)

What is saori's work at ganguro girl?

Shes a student

You wonna play ganguro girl deluxe?

You must pay 10$ in official Ganguro girls website to play Deluxe version.

What website can take you to play Ganguro Girl deluxe? Or you could go to and search it up there. Make sure you have a torrent program though.

Where do you find ganguro girl deluxe version?

On U can find it!Goodluck!

Which of these is not a fashion from Japan Lolita Kogyaru Prep Ganguro?

Lolita, Kogyaru, and Ganguro are fashions, as well as subcultures, originated in Japan. If you associate 'Prep' with the school-girl fashion in Japan, then yes also. But the term Prep originated in Western culture, not Japan.

What is a ganguro?

It is an alternative fashion trend among young Japanese women.

What are all the Japanese street fashions I know Gothic and sweet Lolita and Ganguro but are there more?

there is scoolgirl and emo

What is the doll code to innerstar American girl?

You receive a code when you purchase a "My American Girl" doll.

What is Emmas doll code for American girl dolls?

what is Emmas American girl doll code