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Honestly, no one is going to give you a free membership OK? If you're that desperate, don't be shy - talk to your parents and let them know how much you want a Club Penguin membership. In fact, why not ask your parents to buy you a membership for Christmas or your birthday? There, problem solved.

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Q: Club penguin gamecard code someone email me at if you can give me a Club Penguin unused gamecard code.Thanks?
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Where to fill the activation id in club penguin?

Go to this Adress:

What other penguins are there besides the emperor penguin?

King penguin ( or Royal Penguin) Gentoo penguin Adelie penguin Chinstrap penguin Fjordland penguin Snares penguin Erect-crested penguin Rockhopper penguin Macaroni penguin Yellow-eyed penguin Fairy(or Blue) penguin African penguin Humboldt penguin Magellanic penguin Galapagos penguin Emporer PENGUINS

How do you get your penguin in Club Penguin to a silver penguin?

we cannot convert our penguin in club penguin to a silver penguin

What are the species of penguin?

adelie penguin,emprorer penguin,chinstrap penguin

What is the head penguin on Club Penguin called?

There is 1 head penguin in Club Penguin. If you are talking about the most famous penguin or the main penguin on Club Penguin, it is rockhopper.

Is a macroni penguin a real penguin?

The Macaroni Penguin is indeed a real penguin.

Who is the best penguin on lcub penguin?

qazot is the best penguin on club penguin

What are the names of penguins?

Emperor King Chinstrap Gentoo Royal Southern Rockhopper Fiordland Snares Marconi Yellow Eyed Magellanic Adelie are some of the living species of Penguins Little, African, Galapagos, Humbolt are others

Is there a penguin on Club Penguin called Phoebe8789?

No there is not a penguin on club penguin called Phoebe8789

Who is Club Penguin famous pirate red penguin penguin in Club Penguin?


Is penguin a bug?

No! A penguin is a bird

When do you get your penguin on Club Penguin?

You get your penguin after you sign up. Although, you can lose your penguin by getting banned.