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Updated: 4/28/2022
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Club Pony Pals is a Virtual online horse game based on the Pony Pals books by Jeanne Betancourt.

You must make an account to play. When you make your account, you choose your pony's colour and give it a name. Once you have your pony, you must take care of it (pick out it's hooves, brush it, make sure it's healthy, well-fed and not too tired) so that you can go on virtual rides with your pony along the trails. You can also buy a second and even third pony from Olson's pony farm, but you will have to pay a monthly board bill of 300 Wiggins Bucks (the game currency) per month per bought pony.

In the game you can do quests, complete the scavenger hunt, find Scout the kitten and return him to the barn, mail a letter for Mrs. Crandal, make Wiggins Bucks, buy feed for your pony, food for yourself, new tack for your pony, new clothing and hairstyles for your avatar, play minigames and much more.

You can talk to the Pals, Pam, Anna and Lulu, as well as Jane Crandal through the forum, as well as at Live Chat "Sleepovers" usually held near the end of each month. Every single message, including those sent on the Live Chat each day, are read by admins before members can see it, so no personal information and nothing creepy or mean is shown.

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Q: Club Pony Pals
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The only way to get a weather vane in Club Pony Pals is for one of your Pals to gift it to you. Send a message to Jane Crandal if none of your friends can. She will send you one.

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