Cheats for marble blast gold

Updated: 4/28/2022
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all you do is go to message of the day on the starter pages.

thanks Melissa Norman

If you don't have a message of the day(like me) here's one cheat.

  1. Enter desired level.

  2. Press Esc to stop guy (optional)

  3. Press the button under the Esc button It looks squiggly (Mac OS X: F10)

  4. Type in this cheat: defaultmarble.gravity=2;

  5. Press enter.

  6. Press squiggle button under Esc (Mac OS X: F10) after you press enter.

  7. If you did step 2, press no (if you didn't do step 2, ignore this step)

  8. ENJOY the low gravity. Hope this helps!


1. Also do steps 1-3

2. type $testcheats=1; return

3.Push file 11 then file 4

4. Step 6 & 7

5. Enjoy making a level.

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Q: Cheats for marble blast gold
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