Cheats for elf girl sim date?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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foodlupabletonkarou- gets you a date with fantine

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Q: Cheats for elf girl sim date?
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Where can you find charm on elf girl sim date 2?

The game called Elf Girl Sim Date 2 was released in the year 2007. To charm a girl in Elf Girl Sim Date 2 the player must have ten of each item and start with thirty stats and one hundred and eighty points for upgrade.

Cheats for pico sim date 2?

there all on this website

What are the cheat codes for elf Sim date?


How do you get married in elf sim date 2?


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What are the Sim girl 2.8 cheats?

ami birthday

Where can you enter the cheats in winter dance sim date?

You can't enter any cheat because there is NO cheats....

Pico sim date 1 cheat?

Yall really need cheats for such an easy game like pico sim date 1?

Where do you put Wonderland Days sim date cheats?

in the well at the town square

What are some more days sim date you have already played kingdom days sim date idol days sim date festival days sim date and wonderland days sim date and chrono sim date?

there is elf girl sim date rpg and elf sim date i think that is what they are called at least so i hope i helped you! sorry if i didntNgelina: Lunar days, memory days, number of days, and if you are a fan of Pacthesis there is also the anime sim dates 2.5 and 2.0Pacthesis is currently working on the project "Star Days", at the time I am typing up this answer it is still too early to tell when the project release will be. If you want one of those "Choose who you end up with" romance games, they are available to download. Try games such as (P)lanets, Frozen essence, Re:alistair++, Fantasia: realm of thanos, or Fantasia: requiem of the abyss. If you want online games, there are games like my "cup of tea" or " Jenna Moonlight Sim date", you can search for more games such as these at

How can you make a man sim propose to a girl sim in sims 2 psp?

It is very simple1. get a very strong relationship with the girl sim2. then after that you should be able to make out with the girl sim do that a couple of times.3. then ask her out on a date. if she says yes then try and get the date-o-meter to dream date. you can do that easily by doing every kind of kiss they have twice at least4. when the date is over click on the girl sim and you should be able to propose to her.P.S. i have one girl dating 9 different guys and 3 girls! do not try it it is hard!!!!! i have gotten slapped at least 15 times but i use a lot of cheats well good luck!