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give me an regirock

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Q: Cheat for legendary Pokemon in Pokemon deluge?
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List of legendary Pokemon and fossilised Pokemon in Pokemon deluge?

Pokemon deluge doesnt even exist. if it is real its fake

Is skarmory a legendary Pokemon on Pokemon deluge?

No, Skarmory is not a Legendary Pokémon.

How can you get a legendary Pokémon on Pokémon deluge?

To find legendary Pokemon in deluge,you unlock certain ones with every bundle of gym badges and Pokemon league completions from different regions.

How catch legendary Pokemon in Pokemon deluge?

defeat all gyms,elite 4 and champion of that region to catch legendary pokemon

How do you catch the three legendary pokemon in Pokemon deluge?

a utra ball or a master ball

Where to find all legendary pokemon in pokemon deluge?

the legendaries can be found when you defeated all gyms

How can you find the legendary Pokemon of Kanto in Pokemon deluge?

you can find mew,articuno,mewtwo,moltres and zapdos hope i helped my user on pokemon deluge is pokemonzoroak trade me if you want

How do you get legendary Pokémon in Pokémon deluge?

There is a game Pokemon deluge.. at you can catch legendary due to its region.... and check the information of the legendary Pokemon you want. then follow what it says like for darkrai: defeat allsinnoh leader and elite 4..... then do what it says. go where you can encounter that Pokemon... it's simple.

How can you find legendary Pokemon on Pokemon Deluge Updated?

Know one knows because there isn't any

Where to look for a legendary Pokemon deluge with 500 health?

deluce is not a real Pokemon sorry 2 disapoint u

Where did legendary Pokémon in Pokémon deluge?

If you are talking about Pokemon Black Version 2, then go to Mistrolen Cave

How do you find legendaries in Pokemon deluge?

You can find legendary pokemons after you battle the gym leaders and the elite 4.