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yes you can and you can also have babies to. I have this game and my girl is married and has 3 babies.

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Q: Can you woohoo on Sims 2 Castaway on PS2?
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Can you have kids on sims 2 castaway on the ps2?

yes you can.if you woohoo like 2 times

Can sims 2 castaway psp do woohoo?

The Sims 2: Castaway is an expansion for the original game on the PSP where the Sims are shipwrecked. You can do woohoo in the game.

Do they have sims castaway for PS2?

yes, they have the sims 2 castaway for the PS2

Can you do woohoo on the sims 2 castaway for wii?

yes u can woohoo on the sims 2 castaway for wii. if your sim dont woohoo(sex) they dont like each other or not ready. it also work for the following: psp, ps2. maybe the x box but idk. but i see if it dose ok bye NOW!:)

Can you woohoo on the sims 2 nightlife for ps2?

Sims 2 Nightlife is not for the PS2

Sims babies on sim castaway PS2?

You can't have babies on Sims 2 Castaway PS2.

Can you woohoo in sims 2 castaway wii?

No you can't sorry :(

Do they get children in sims 2 castaway?

On the Sims 2 Castaway for pc you can have children if you follow the storyline all the way through and then go into freeplay. If you are using Sims 2 Castaway on the Wii then you can not have children or even woohoo.

Can you get kids on the sims 2 castaway for ps2?


How do you make a baby on sims 2 ps2?

you cant make babies on sims 2 ps2, you can only do it with woohoo, i think you CAN on the sims bustin out ps2, maybe.

Are there tsunamis in Sims 2 Castaway for PS2?

nO There Is No Tsunami In The Sims 2 Castaway Only One Disaster is there.....Earthquake

Can you have a baby on sims castaway on DS?

no you can not have a baby on the sims 2 castaway on ds or ps2 or psp only on sims castaway stories for PC