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Only if you have generations as well. :D

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Q: Can you woohoo in the shower on sims 3 pets?
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How do you get 2 of your pets to woohoo in sims 3 pets?

You can't make them do woohoo! You just have to give them some time to do it themselves.

Where can you woohoo in The Sims 3?

The main place you can woohoo in sims 3 is in sims 3 is the bed or the shower but if you are going to woohoo with a sim you have to make sure you are good friends with that person or have a romantic interest for each other if you want to woohoo in the bed you click the bed and press relax then when you are In the bed click the person you would like to woohoo and invite him to cuddle make sure that you make out a couple times and then you will probaly be able to woohoo but if you want to go in the shower you have to be girlfriend boyfriend hope this helped

How do you get two people in the same shower on sims 3?

You can't unless you have the generations ep. Then if you have a lover on the lot and click on the shower you can select try for baby and woohoo. They both go in the shower and not only woohoo, but get clean!!

How do you woohoo in the shower in the Sims 3?

idk if you can get naked in the sims 3 or any other sims game out there i might be wrong but they won't let you in the sims 2 sims 3 idk about the sims haven't played it yet

How do you have woohoo on Sims 3 ds?

It's not possible to woohoo on the Sims 3 for the DS.

Can your Sims woohoo on The Sims 3 DS?

Yes you can woohoo on sims for ds and dsi.

How do you woohoo on sims 3?

Get both sims to relax on a bed and select 'woohoo'.

What is woohoo on Nintendo DSi for the sims 3?

A sims woohoo is what they call sex. There is also a try for baby interaction (for sims 3 and sims 2).

How do you make Sims woohoo on The Sims 3 for the iPod Touch?

well actually you can't force sims to have woohoo

How do you have kids on Sims 3 ds?

Get the sims to WOoHoo

How do you do the woohoo on The Sims 3 Nintendo DS?

You can't woohoo on the sims 3 for the nintendo ds. It is rated e for everyone so it is too inappropriate for younger audiences. You can woohoo on the pc version of the sims 3 though.

What does woohoo mean on sims 3?

Woohoo means sexual intercourse.