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you cannot play YouTube videos on your dsi or dsi XL. maybe someday the will come out with one that will. tried on my psp Didn't work eitheir. You can use any video converter to convert them is what i have heard. But that's junk

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Q: Can you watch YouTube videos on DSi?
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How do you watch YouTube videos on a dsi?

Currently you can't.

Can you watch YouTube videos on your dsi?

No because you would need Adobe flash player but in the DSi, you can't download anything. Try using it has loads of watchable videos for your DSi.

Does DSI XL have YouTube?

At this time you cannot watch YouTube videos on the DSi XL. The reason being is that the DSi XL, unfortunately, does not support flash. Apparently the processor is too underpowered to run it.

How do you watch videos on a dsi?

you cant watch videos on youtube so go to this site on your dsi and click on animations and scrool down and wola but no sound have fun watching videos bye bye OR you can go to to watch videos like mythbusters ncis the simpsons starwars clips and more!

Does the DSi web browser let you on YouTube?

It lets you on all websites, but sadly the Dsi would need a different upload to let you watch videos on it.

What is dsitube?

DSiTube is an application that comes on your Nintendo DSi that allows you to watch YouTube videos. You will have to have an internet connection and then you can access any video on YouTube.

Can you watch videos on a dsi?


How do you get YouTubecom on your DSi?

You can get onto the site, but you just can't watch videos as the Nintendo browser doesn't support the YouTube player.

How can you watch videos on the DSi?

You can't

How do you watch movies on your dsi?

Actually, you can't watch movies...or videos on the DSi. If you go to DSi Browser, you'll know that you can't watch YouTube videos because the browser does not support Flash. There are other little clips you can watch (with no sound) on DSi Browser. You can search some on Google. Also, if you download this application called Flipnote Studio, you can create these flipnote animations and post them on the web. You can watch other people's animations and they can watch yours. And there is sound.

How do you use the video camera on the Nintendo DSi XL?

If you're talking about the Nintendo DSi camera if it can record videos, then it can not record videos, only take pictures. And you can't watch videos on the Nintendo DSi like youtube videos because it doesn't have a flash player, and you can't download one on it.

Can you watch videos on Nintendo DSi?

no, but you can take pictures