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no big benis

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Q: Can you use vuze to put games on a ps3?
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How do you use vuze to download sims 3?


How do you use vuze with a xbox 360?

You can download Vuze on the Xbox 360 dashboard. After, launch the application and go through the set up. I believe you have to pay for the service.

Do you need an internet connection to play ps3 games?

no, the internet is only needed for full use of all the PS3 features and Games can be played without going online

What games can you use eyetoy for PS3?

the ps2 eyetoy works for ps3 too..i tried it and works for any game as a headset is pretty neat if you ask me.

Can you use a PS3 game for a Ps2?

no u cant cuz the ps3 is an upgrade from the ps2 the newer games wont wrk. u can use ps2 games on the ps3 but not the other way around. If you want to play ps3 games on your ps2 you need to "modify" your ps2.You can not even play the PS2 games on newer machines and the PS2 cannot even read a Blu-Ray Disc forget conversion option as it would be much cheaper easier to find and fix a busted early PS3.I think you can use ps3 games on the ps2. I can use ps3 games on my ps2 by doing somthing special. It works. It really does! For me at least. But keep this Hsh Hsh SSHSSHSSHSHSH.Ok. first thing you do is you put in a 4GB flash drive into the PS2.Then you Turn it on. Then you put in the ps3 game. Then itll say disc read error this is the important part.YOu want to hold all the back buttons, like the R2 button, L2 button, and whatever else in the back. Then while holding down all the back buttons "here it comes" you press TRIANGLE,TRIANGLE,SQUARE,CIRCLE,X.The screen should go black for a few seconds. Wait for it to load. And bbaaamm! Theres your ps3 game on the ps2. Just remember what I said HUSH HUSH. If they figure this out theyll do something to the games to make sure you or me cant play it on the ps2 for f&%ing sqaut. Hope this helped anyone with a ps2 out there.Your not aloneA PS2 can not read the Blue Ray game discs for the PS3 game. So how would a flash drive help or holding down buttons on the controller do anything to change that. You also can not modify a newer PS3 to play PS2 games. The PS2 has over 3500 different games, most of which are cheap and the owners of the PS2 game consoles will just have to settle for only having a choice of 3500 different games or purchase a PS3 to play PS3 games. There is nothing stopping someone from having both machines connected to there TV just like people who have a VCR and a DVD player connected.

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How do you use azureus vuze on playstation 3 i have wireless internet and it picked up vuze some how but how do you use it on PS3?

First make sure your PC is on the same internet connection as your PS3 then enable devices in Azureus Vuze and add ps3.You can drag and drop videos and movies into Azureus Vuze into the PS3 file and it will make it compatible automatically without you having to do anything. Also make sure your media server is enabled in your PS3.I foundif you go to movies on your PS3 your files show up quickly.

What programs to use when downloading torrents?

Use Vuze Or Limewire but i use vuze

How do i get rid of vuze on ps3?

If you use PMS or an alternative media server, but you use Vuze (formerly Azureus) to torrent, and you would like the icon to be removed from your Video and Music tabs on your PS3, follow these instructions:1. In Vuze, choose, Plugins from the menu bar, then Log Views, then Media Server.2. When the Media Server tab comes up, select Config from the right top corner of the tab.3. Uncheck everything (ie "Enable media server UPnP") and click save at the bottom left.4. Restart Vuze.

How do you play games on the 80gb PS3?

Plug in the PS3 to a TV. And plug the power cable into an outlet. You turn on the PS3, open the game slot, put the game in, and close it. Then you use the controller that came with the PS3 to play games...

Can you use PSP games on a PS3?

You can store the games for the PSP but can not play PSP games on the PS3

Can you use vuze on an iPad?


How do you see ps3 games via USB?

You can not use the USB to load games in the PS3

Can you use PS3 games on the PS2?


Is it possible to play American PS3 games on an English PS3 I have heard that i need to convert my PS3 to something to use the games but im not sure how or what to buy help?

You can play any type of ps3 games on an English ps3.

Can you use an English PS3 games on American PS3?

yes you can ps3 games are region free but the blu-ray movies are region locked

Can PS3 games work on PS2?

No. The PS2 cannot use a PS3 disc.

Is vuze legal?

No, Vuze is not a legal file sharing program. The service itself is not illegal to use, but the content is illegal to download.