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Q: Can you use the plural of a word in scrabble?
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How do you use word began in plural sentences?

began in plural

How do you use the word tool in a sentence using plural?

The plural of tool is tools.

What is it called when you use the apostrophe after a word?

plural? --- It's called a plural possessive.

What is a Scrabble word?

A Scrabble word is an English word that you can use in the Scrabble game.

Is it possible to use data's as a plural form?

The word data is already plural. The singular form of the word data is datum.

What is the plural form of Lis Pendens?

Lis pendens is considered a singular and plural version of the word. You would NOT spell it "lis pendenses" as the plural. You simply use the same word as singular and plural.

Can we use the word machineries for plural form of machine?


What word can you use for the plural form of Directress?


What is the plural form of calculus?

There are several meanings to the word 'calculus.' The plural for calculus is 'calculi.' There is no plural for the calculus we use in mathematics.

Is the demonstrative adjective these singular or plural?

The demonstrative pronoun and the adjective use of the word 'these' is the plural form of 'this'.

Is use singular or plural?

The noun 'use' is singular noun. The plural form is uses.The word 'use' is also a verb: use, uses, using, used.

What is the plural form of criteria?

The word 'criteria' is the plural form of the singular word 'criterion'. 'Those are the criteria that I used in making my decision.' 'That is the criterion that I used in making my decision.' It is wrong to use the word 'criteria' as a singular. Similarly, it is wrong to use 'phenomena' as a singular. It is the plural form of the singular word 'phenomenon'.