Can you use samung g3 1tb hdd for xbox jtag?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, you can. IF your console is Jtagged you can use any HD.

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Q: Can you use samung g3 1tb hdd for xbox jtag?
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Is it safe to play xbox 360 without hdd?

It is perfectly fine to play an Xbox 360 without an HDD. In fact, Microsoft produces a cover for the area where you plug the HDD in just incase you choose not to use an HDD.

How to store terabyte information on network?

Get an external HDD. Western Digital do 1TB ones with USB and network ports.

Can an Xbox 360 arcade use a 60GB HDD?

yes you can use any hdd for any xbox if you want something with less gb get a memory card

Will a hard drive from a US NTSC Xbox 360 work in a European PAL Xbox 360?

Yes, a Chinese HDD works on my Canadian Console. HDD's are region free.

Does any one has an idea about deep freeze doesnt support 1TB hard disks?

Deep Freeze Notsupport 1 TB HDD.

Why cant my hard drive be formated to work on the xbox Not even when its formatted to fat32?

xbox hard disk drives (hdd) are locked, you have to lock a non-xbox hdd to make it work. but you will have to understand the engineering of the hdd in order to make sure that it is compatible with the system. not many are compatible. most times it is best to modd the old xbox in order to add a second hdd. after modding it you can modd a controller cable to become a USB cable.

How do you connect xbox 360 slim hard drive to PC?

First u need a old xbox 360 HDD case and a transfer cable get the old HDD and open it until u find the sata to xbox cable. if u don't know how to open HDD Google it. next connect the cable to your slim HDD and connect the other end to the transfer cable. then use connect the us into your PC and use xport 360 to get into your HDD. hope this helped

Can you transfer films from a USB memory stick to a xbox 360 HDD?


How much does an Xbox 360 pro hold?

They come with a 60GB HDD.

Can an Xbox elite hard drive work on an Xbox arcade?

Yes Xbox 360 HDD are swapible. The only one which is not is the latest "Xbox 360 Slim"

Can you play Conkers Bad Fur Day for Xbox on Xbox 360?

I think there is something you have to get to play xbox games on the 360 if you have the hdd then yes you can

Is the Xbox slims hardrive smaller?

yes, much of the bulky useless housing on the older Xbox HDD's have been removed, but hardware wise they are pretty much the same, which is why people have been able to strip the housing of older HDD's and put them in Xbox slim.