Can you use ps3 mics on your wii?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I'm not a genius but yes i think so because i can also use them on my laptop.

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Q: Can you use ps3 mics on your wii?
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Can you use Singstar mics for Guitar Hero on Wii?

yes you can use any mics with any games as long as its for a wii game such as i cant use it for my karaoke machine but i can use it for sing it on wii

Can you use a mic on call of duty modern warfare for wii and talk to others?

no because mics have not been made for the wii yet.

Can you use a powerA ps3 Controlor with USB with the wii?

What is powers to the ps3

Can you use Wii games on my SONY PS3?


Can you use ps3 microphones on a wii system?


Does any microphone work with the PS3?

It kind of depends. MOST mics should be compatible with the PS3

Can you use Wii rock band controllers with the ps3?

No. Wii rock band instruments can only work on the wii

Where are PS3 mics sold?

They can be sold at gamestop, EB Games, blockbuster or RadioShack.

How do you play Hannah Nintendo wii game?

use ps3 play it

Should you trade a PS3 for a Wii?

No a PS3 for a Wii would be a bad trade.

Do Wii singing games come with wireless microphones?

No, Wii Singing games do not come with wireless mics. They use a Logitech USB mic, which come bundled with some games and extras are available from Amazon.

What console and games are better out of PS3 or Wii?

The Wii is better because it's more interactive and fun to use.