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No, the limit is 1 cannon can be used at a time per person, you can however have multiple cannons in your inventory, but only 1 may be placed.

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Q: Can you use more than one cannon at a time on runescape?
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Can you have more than 3 runescape accounts?

You can, but you can only have membership for up to 3 accounts at 1 time.

When is RuneScape gathering?

runescape people play all the time, if i was not right to answer your question, try adding more detail

When is the best time to fish lobs in runescape?

Any time. The price is fairly steady as of recent and day-to-day fluctuation is no more than 5-10 GP.

How sell more than 28 ore market runescape?

Try to sell in 100 Bulks at a time, or keep to the nearest whole number.

When is RuneScape 3 released?

No date has been announced. Actually, RuneScape is being upgraded all the time; I expect "RuneScape 3" to be more of an incremental upgrade. In other words, they continue doing improvements and changes; at some time they will call it "RuneScape 3".

Is wow better than RuneScape?

It's a matter of opinion, but it takes literally more than 10x the amount of time it takes in RuneScape to do everything possible in WoW. It depends on what your opinion of "better" is, but if you're looking for a larger, longer, more time consuming game.. RuneScape is your best bet.

Can a dwarf multi-cannon be lent?

no because u can't lend sets and u cant lend more than 1 thing at a time. sorry to tell you it

Which one is more worth my time- harpoon tuna or bait sardines plus herring in runescape?

Fly fishing is more worth your time than both, if you are member - go to shilo village to do this, it's a popular power-fishing spot.

Can you buy a 1 year runescape membership prepay card?

According to the official Runescape FAQ It is not possible to pay for more than one month of membership at a time. (actually you can get 30day and 90day, maybe 60day too I'm not sure Well, runescape just released the one year membership cards again! You can buy them at rite-aid.

What is a multi combat zone in runescape?

These are areas more then one person or creature can attack you at the same time.

How can you get 18mill in a short amount of time in runescape?

Merchanting A high valuable item, other than that there is no other way.

Does anyone want to buy fire runes?

Fire runes are over-produced on RuneScape, so there are far more on the market than people willing to buy them. However, they will sell if given enough time.