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A trial account itself is not the issue, it's the installed program (client). Once you have that installed, and you have made an account with a private server, it will work regardless of you also having a trial account at

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Q: Can you use a trial account on a wow private server?
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Can you play on a wow private server on a free trail account?

If you are using the free trial account, you do not need to be connecting to private servers. Private servers are usually buggier than the live official servers, have terrible gm support/customer support, and take money away from Blizzard.

How would one play on a World of Warcraft private server?

To play on a World of Warcraft private server you should firstly find your server, this can be done using the wow server website. To play on a particular server you must create an account and use the account signup page to register for that particular server. Once you sign up to the particular server you need to find the server address.Once you find the server address remember to save the file.

Can you play on private servers with sentence wotlk trial?

You don't need an account on retail World of Warcraft at all. As long as you have the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King game client and all associated data files on your computer, you can connect and use any private server just by editing the file.

Aruarose a private server?

Yes, it seems to be a private server. There are no servers named Aurarose on the default WoW server list, which is the one that you should use.

Set up a Virtual Private Server?

form_title=Set up a Virtual Private Server form_header=A virtual private server is a separate server that's running on the same physical machine. What will you use the virtual private server for?=_ Will you need an anti-virus progam installed?= () Yes () No What operating server do you want running on the server?=_

Is it against RuneScape rules to create a private server?

Yes. It is against the Rules of RuneScape to create and/or use a RuneScape private server.

Where can you find a private server for World of Warcraft? -- You cannot get a virus unless you download something which you do not have to do.You cannot have your account stolen unless you use the same account name and password that you do on the retail version of wow. You cannot be taken to court for playing a private server. i would think blizzard has better things to make a better game.

Are RuneScape private servers safe?

Not really each time you play one they will know your IP Address.You use them at your own risk, never enter your main runescape account and password on a private server, not even if they ask you for it!

What is the best ragnarok online private server to use?

talonRO :D

Do you need to have a prepaid subscription active to play on wow private servers?

A private server for WOW can let you use GM commands. It lets the player have free reign and don't have to pay for the account. However, this may result in a permanent banishment from the game.

Can you use a Guest pass for the Recruit-a-Friend Program on World of Warcraft?

You have use the trial account as a target for the Recruit a Friend program, but you cannot send a RAF invite from a trial account.

Can you put add ons on a trial account in wow?

Yes, you can use any addons that a full account can use. There is no limit.