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Unfortunately no as it says on the back of the card but I believe there is a way of buying and spending it on the computer but I'd look into that if I were you!

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Q: Can you use a game gift card on the game online website?
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Can you buy gift cards online from Giant Eagle?

You can buy gift cards from Giant Eagle on their website. Click on the 'Gift card' link and you will be directed to the page where you can purchase their gift card online.

How do you redeem a game stop gift card online?

you need to add something to your cart then fill in the code number from the gift card in the space then it will show you.

Can you use your game gift card online?

no, only in stores. Use PayPal account and credit account for online.

What online sites can help me to determine the balance on a gift card?

Retailer's Website: Many retailers provide an online option on their official website for checking gift card balances. Visit the website of the retailer that issued the gift card and look for a "Check Balance" or "Gift Card Balance" link. Gift Card Balance Check Websites: Some websites specialize in providing balance check services for a variety of gift cards. Websites like GiftCardGranny, Raise, and Cardpool often allow you to check the balance of your gift card. Gift Card Mobile Apps: Some retailers and gift card providers have mobile apps that include features for checking your gift card balance. Check the official app associated with the gift card. Call Customer Service: The customer service number for the retailer or gift card issuer is often provided on the back of the card. You can call the number and follow the prompts to check the balance. In-Store Kiosk: If you want to sell gift cards, you can visit orientcard. orientcard provides you with beautiful prices, extremely fast payments, an absolutely safe transaction environment, supports multiple currency payments and 7*24 hours of dedicated online customer service!

Are online gift cards good presents?

Yes an online gift card would be a gerat gift; especially if they are younger; they can then get a gift they truly want with the gift card you gave them.

Can a Chocosphere gift card be redeemed in person or does it have to be redeemed online?

The Chocosphere gift card can be used online for payment.

Can you use sbi gift cards for online shopping?

No. You cannot perform any online transaction using a gift card.

Where can I find a Home Depot gift card online?

Up to $500 Home Depot gift cards are available through their website. Just search for "gift card" from their main page. Delivery of the card could take anywhere from 2 to 10 days.

What online sites are best for online gift cards?

If you are looking for a gift card to provide for a gift basket, I would use a Visa or Mastercard gift card. This way they can find a website that is the best fit for them and order using that gift card.

How can you tell if you have used a gift card?

you get on to the apple website and put in the code for your gift card.

Where can I find online gift vouchers and are they scams?

Many businesses have online gift vouchers. To avoid being scammed, only buy them from reputable companies. An example is Starbucks, their website is;

Where can one buy electronic gift cards?

There are many online websites that will allow you to purchase an electronic gift card. The best website to check out would be Gift Certificates. They have a variety of electronic gift cards.