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No but after you defeat the boss on Menahat, you can talk to this one fat guy that kinda follows you around Menahat with 2 other guys to try to find the ruins before you and he will give you this machine that transfers Metallic Rygazelle and Metallic Leopuba over to your Cosmolink (but you have to have spectrobes beyond the portals)

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Q: Can you upload spectrobes from spectrobes 2 onto spectrobes 3?
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Actually no! You only get regular spectrobes in Gen. 3.

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Where are the ruins on desert area 2 in spectrobes?

head to area 3 then north

How do you trade spectrobes in spectrobes origins?

I'm very sorry but you're wrong..... You can't trade spectrobes I have all 3 of em and you can't.....

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IT is Harumi

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How do you delete spectrobes in spectrobes beyond the portals?

1. Go to line up. 2. Go to discard. 3. Drag the spectrobe you want to delete and take the stylus off that spectrobe and it will be deleted. moonrock8: yay! thank you person! I have 5 anu guys... (the foxish spectrobes found on the desert place) so now i can discard everyone except for my 2 awesome ones! Anyways, thanks.

How do you beat the High Krawl on Spectrobes 2?

Jado: you have to use Aurora Spectrobes in order to defeat him Gelberus: you have to use Flash Spectrobes in order to beat him Maja 1: She is tough because she has Dark Spectrobes, and you have to lose Maja 2: She still has Dark Spectrobes, but you can defeat them if you have a Dark Spectrobe in order to beat her once Gronos: He is tough, so you have to use Corona Spectrobes in order to defeat him, and has nasty attacks like sucking your spectrobes close to him so he can hurt them Maja 3: She doesn't use Dark Spectrobes anymore and is teamed up with Xelles, and in order to defeat them you can use either Corona, Aurora, or Flash Spectrobe You should know that Maja 3 is impossible. You will never get any further in the game. She's IMMORTAL. I've tried a million times with level 50+ spectrobes... It's NOT POSSIBLE. Just delete your saved game and start over, you'll never get any further.