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I don't think so... I have only heard that you can unlock Momma Hogg's outfit & Ava Cadavra's outfit. I have unlocked Ava's, but I can't figure out how to unlocke Momma Hogg's. But I know you can.

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Q: Can you unlock misty waters outfit on the sims 2 ds?
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How do you unlock every outfit on Sims 2 ds?

go on cheats world click on s ans the sims 2 will come up.

How do you unlock mama hoggs outfit on sims 2 ds?

go to you stat panel then clik on it then afterwards clik out then go to mama hogg and she will give you her out fit!!!!! this totally worked for me i unlocked almost every outfit!!!

Why do we not have an outfit for everyday?

u can change their outfit everyday if you would like to. you can go to a dresser or mirror to change the appearance.. but it also boosts the mood to change your sims outfit. but u can leave the outfit if you would like,also! As you do stuff, or wut not, you can unlock new outfits for the sim. Hope this helps!

How ot unlock outfits on the sims 3 3ds?

you can make your sim have a job and your sim will have that jobs outfit. or get your sim to move in a diffrent clohthed sim.

How do you unlock cars on The Sims 2?

To unlock cars on the Sims 2, you'll need Sims 2 Nightlife.

What does the career outfit in Sims 3 for trauma surgeon look like Is it like the Sims 2 doctor outfit or is it scrubs or something?

it's a dark green scrub.

What is quest unlock in sims social?

something that you unlock

How do you unlock outfits in sims 3?

well when i was playing sims 3, i made my sim become a maid and then they unlocked the maid outfit and hair. [it works for most careers] but if you cant be bothered doing that, there is a cheat. cheat: unlockoutfits on that cheat unlocks all hair and outfits

Can you make your sim into a witch on sims 2 double deluxe?

Yay the side you choose decides your outfit but you can do spells for both sides

How do you unlock things on Sims 3 for Wii?

just unlock it!

How to change your sims clothes on sims3 late night?

the same way as on the sims. you go to a dresser and click plan outfit. or you can click on your sim if you just want to change into an outfit you already have made.

How do you turn your Sims into a devil on sims 2?

It's not possible, the best you can do is dress your Sim up in a devil outfit.